If looked after properly, your natural teeth should last a lifetime. It is our aim to make sure all our patients have healthy, pain-free mouths that work properly. The sensations and textures you can feel using your natural teeth are not replicated by artificial teeth. There is nothing to rival your natural teeth, so let us help you keep them healthy. We don’t believe in quick fixes and never remove a tooth unless there is absolutely no alternative. 
We, at Reepham Dental Centre, are proud of the quality of care we provide for you. We take time to listen to your wishes and concerns. We will discuss all the treatment options with you and help you to make the right choices for your dental care. 
We provide a full range of general dental treatments, from thorough examinations to fillings, endodontic (root canal) treatment and restoration of implants. 
Nervous Patients 
We know that a lot of patients are anxious about dental treatment. Although we do not use sedation we consider ourselves to be particularly good at caring for our more anxious patients. We employ all the techniques possible to make your visit as comfortable as we can. We are happy to take the extra time and care needed to look after you. Don’t be worried about telling us that you are nervous about dental treatment, because knowing that will help us to care for you in the most suitable way. Most of our work is carried out under local anaesthetic. At Reepham local anaesthetic is given using The Wand Single Tooth Anaesthesia system which enables us to give virtually pain-free injections. 
We are proud to offer a wide range of high quality treatments to our patients, so if you fancy a brighter smile, would like to replace any amalgam (silver) fillings with white ones or need to repair damaged or unsightly teeth, we can help. To find out more about a particular treatment please choose from the options below: 
Reepham Dental Centre
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